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Research Shows Vitamin D Supplementation Significantly Reduces COVID Infection and Death

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“Vitamin D deficiency has long been associated with reduced immune function that can lead to viral infection. Several studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased risk of infection with COVID-19.”

“A recent meta-analysis has shown an association between low serum 25-hydroxy Vitamin D levels and susceptibility to, severity of, and mortality from COVID-19.”

“In the population of US veterans, we show that Vitamin D2 and D3 fills [supplement prescription fills] were associated with reductions in COVID-19 infection of 28% and 20%, respectively.” “Mortality within 30-days of COVID-19 infection was similarly 33% lower with Vitamin D3 and 25% lower with D2.”

“We also find that after controlling for vitamin D blood levels, veterans receiving higher dosages of Vitamin D obtained greater benefits from supplementation than veterans receiving lower dosages.”

“In response to these findings, physicians might consider regularly prescribing vitamin D3 to patients with deficient levels to protect them against COVID-19 infection and related mortality.”


Immune cells require Vitamin D to function properly; for their ability to kill viruses such as those responsible for COVID and FLU, and for their ability to control and regulate the inflammatory response responsible for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome which is what actually causes death in COVID and FLU patients.

Supplementing with Vitamin D, as I have been SCREAMING FOR YEARS, is an evidence-based, safe, highly effective way to significantly improve immune function, increase viral defense, and decrease susceptibility to infection and severe illness.


There is simply no logical reason not to supplement with Vitamin D (and omega-3 fatty acids and NAC and Quercetin and Vitamins and Minerals and Probiotic) – all of which represent evidence-based, effective approaches to optimizing immune function and viral defense, as well as improving inflammation and antioxidant status for health, wellness, prevention, and recovery.

The most important variables determining if you get infected, how sick you get, and how fast you recover are your IMMUNE FUNCTION STATUS and your GENERAL HEALTH STATUS. Supplementing with Innate Choice® OmegA+D Sufficiency™, Vita-Immune Sufficiency™, and Probiotic Sufficiency™ is an evidence-based, effective, safe way to improve both IMMUNE FUNCTION and GENERAL HEALTH STATUS.

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Gibbons et al. (2022) Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality. Nature - Scientific Reports 12:19397

Click HERE for printable NEWSLETTER PDF

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