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NAC for Immune Function and Viral Defense – What Everybody Needs to Know

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“The importance of NAC [N-acetylcysteine] as a potent antioxidant is directly linked to its ability to increase levels of intracellular cysteine with subsequent increase in Glutathione [the Master Antioxidant].”

“The isolated uses of both Glutathione [GSH] and cysteine were not effective in raising GSH levels within cells, making NAC one of the major strategies to reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress in cases of xenobiotic intoxication, such as paracetamol or in pathologies related to GSH deficiency, through the maintenance of their levels in different tissues.”

“Like other thiols, experimental studies show that NAC through its free thiol can also bind to active redox metal ions, such as the ones from transition metals, copper (Cu2+) and iron (Fe3+), and heavy metals, cadmium (Cd2+), mercury (Hg2+), and lead (Pb2+), forming complexes that are easily excreted by the body.”

“NAC can also boost the immune system, suppress viral replication, and reduce inflammation. In addition, NAC has also been shown to inhibit replication of other viruses, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).”

“Overall, our study demonstrated that NAC therapy provided a significant improvement in oxygenation parameters and reduction in CRP [inflammatory marker c-reactive protein] and length of hospitalization in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.”


NAC is an evidence-based supplement with proven ability to increase glutathione levels (the Master Antioxidant], improve antioxidation status, reduce oxidative effects of aging, detoxify by removing heavy metals, improve immune function, improve anti-inflammatory status, and improve viral defense against influenza, COVID-19, and RSV. WOW!

Supplementing with NAC increases glutathione levels significantly more that supplementing with glutathione or cysteine and is thus the most evidence-based and most effective strategy for increasing Glutathione levels and providing all the associated benefits.


For an evidence-based, effective approach to optimizing glutathione levels and thus immune function and viral defense, as well as improving inflammation and antioxidant status for health, wellness, prevention, and recovery CLICK HERE for information on, and to order, Innate Choice® Vita-Immune Sufficiency™ which, in addition to being a multivitamin, contains both NAC and Quercetin.


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Click HERE for printable NEWSLETTER PDF

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