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Meat Consumption Associated With Greater Life Expectancy

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“The association between a plant-based diet (vegetarianism) and extended life span is increasingly criticised since it may be based on the lack of representative data and insufficient removal of confounders such as lifestyles.”

“Worldwide, bivariate correlation analyses revealed that meat intake is positively correlated with life expectancies. This relationship remained significant when influences of caloric intake, urbanization, obesity, education, and carbohydrate crops were statistically controlled. Stepwise linear regression selected meat intake, not carbohydrate crops, as one of the significant predictors of life expectancy. In contrast, carbohydrate crops showed weak and negative correlation with life expectancy.”

“Conclusion: If meat intake is not incorporated into nutrition science for predicting human life expectancy, results could prove inaccurate.”

“Nutrition offers the means to improve health and well-being and acts as a significant predictive factor of healthy aging, so it appears as one of the major determinants of life expectancy [and QUALITY OF LIFE].”


“Modern nutritional science has revealed that meat provides complete nutrition.”

All the claims regarding the superiority of vegetarian diets are from epidemiological not intervention studies – meaning there is no evidence of a causal link. What scientific analysis reveals is that vegetarians are often more health conscious, they exercise more, are less likely to be obese, and have fewer comorbidities on average than meat eaters. However, it is NOT meat that is the determining factor, it is overall health status based on other lifestyle factors that lead to comorbidities such as obesity and diabetes. The truth is that meat eaters who also exercise regularly and maintain healthy body weight are healthier than lifestyle-matched vegetarians. This is because humans are, without debate, genetically designed to consume the nutrients found in meat.


If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, reduce risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, and every other chronic illness in order to have a longer, better life you need to ‘Live Right for Your Species Type™’ – you need to Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well®. You need to eat more healthy meat and less unhealthy carbohydrates.

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You et al. (2022) Total Meat Intake is Associated with Life Expectancy: A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis of 175 Contemporary Populations. International Journal of General Medicine 2022:15 1833–1851.

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