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Omega-3 Supplementation Reduces All-Cause, Heart Disease, and Cancer-Related Mortality

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“Conclusion: Higher DHA levels were associated with significant risk reductions in all-cause mortality, as well as reduced risks for deaths due to CV disease, cancer, and all other causes. The findings strengthen the hypothesis that DHA, a marine-sourced omega-3, may support CV health and lifespan.”

“In the Cardiovascular Health Study, higher circulating levels of omega-3 were linked with “healthier aging” defined as surviving past 65 years of age, free of chronic diseases, and maintaining good functional status.”


The reason a deficient consumption of omega-3 fatty acids causes an increase in overall mortality and an increase in heart disease and cancer mortality is because omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that are required for proper immune function, proper control of inflammation, proper control of blood sugar, and proper function of virtually every other organ and system. The reason supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids reduces all-cause, heart disease, and cancer-related deaths is because it provides the sufficient amounts of omega-3 required for proper function and for the prevention of chronic disease and early death.


You need to consume enough omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet!

“The mean intake of DHA + EPA in the United States is only approximately 100 mg/day. To increase omega-3 index [into the protective range] would require consumption of approximately 1000 mg/day of DHA + EPA, and to go from the lowest quintile in the current study, to [get into the protective range] would require approximately 1600 mg/day of DHA + EPA.”

“It takes approximately 6 ounces of salmon to provide 2 g of omega-3 fatty acids. Still, many individuals do not choose to eat fish and seafood regularly and, for these people, omega-3 supplements are an effective and inexpensive way to raise DHA and EPA blood levels into the protective range.”

You need to supplement with Innate Choice® OmegA+D Sufficiency™ and the other components of the Innate Choice® Essential Nutrient System™. There simply is not a more evidence-based, easier, or less expensive way to promote health and prevent chronic illness and death.

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O’Keefe et al. (2024) Circulating Docosahexaenoic Acid [DHA] and Risk of All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality. Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Click HERE for printable NEWSLETTER PDF

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