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This website is the direct on-line representation and delivery of the content of Dr. Chestnut’s revolutionary book, ‘Live Right for Your Species Type: The BioLOGICAL Wellness and Prevention Solution’ and the clinically proven Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® Lifestyle Plan which it introduced directly to the public for the first time.

Thus, there is no better way to describe what this website and the Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® lifestyle plan and movement are about than to cite the Introduction from Dr. Chestnut’s book:

“You have been naturally selected over millennia to genetically express physical and psychological health - more than you’ll ever need to experience a wonderful quality of life. Whether you express this potential is not predetermined and it isn’t based on luck or random chance; it is based on whether you choose to ‘Live Right for Your Species Type’; it is based on the quality of your habitat and lifestyle choices. To express your potential, you must be able to first identify and then make healthy habitat (living environment) and lifestyle choices, and to do that, you must acquire accurate knowledge and learn how to develop the self-control to consistently act upon it. I have spent the last 30 years identifying the healthy habitat and lifestyle choices required for the human species to genetically express physical and psychological health and, most importantly, how to teach you how to develop the self-control to make them.

The definitions of healthy choices are determined by biological laws. These biological laws are deduced from the foundational biological law which is that humans, like members of all species, are genetically designed, through natural selection, to express physical and psychological health. All your ancestors, from the emergence of the human species, had to survive for you to exist. You have been naturally selected and genetically perfected over millennia – you are a literally a naturally selected genetic superhuman! Genetically you are designed to be strong, lean, fit, smart, happy, and beautiful. Chronic illness is not an unhealthy genetic design issue; chronic illness is an unhealthy habitat and lifestyle choice issue. This itself is another biological law, which when you accept it as the undeniable truth that it is, will set you on the road to expressing your incredible innate genetic potential for physical and psychological health.

‘Living Right for Your Species Type’ is an evidence-based, biological, revolutionary, lifestyle-centric approach to recovery, wellness, and prevention. The clinical implementation model of this approach is the evidence-based, proven clinically effective Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™ Plan, which is based on the identification and implementation of the habitat and lifestyle choices that all members of the human species genetically require to get and stay well. It is not a fad, it is not a marketing scheme, and it is not one more false promise, quick fix, or miracle. It is based on the biological laws that govern whether humans, and every other living species on earth, express, or fail to express, their naturally selected, innate genetic potential for physical and psychological health.

These biological laws apply every time, without exception, regardless of your current state of health or illness or what other interventions you may or may not be engaging in. If you want to get and stay well, there is one, and only one, path – you must ‘Live Right for Your Species Type’.

I realize this is a bold statement. However, I not only provide scientific proof to back this up, I also provide “living proof”. I provide success stories from real people with a wide variety of illnesses. At first it can seem almost inconceivable that a single intervention strategy can be so effective for so many different chronic illnesses or health issues. That is, until you realize that there is a single underlying cause to virtually all these chronic illnesses and health issues – ‘Living Wrong for Your Species Type’. The Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® Lifestyle Plan is not a panacea for the treatment of all chronic illnesses, in fact it is not a treatment for illness at all. It is a panacea to address the underlying lifestyle causes of virtually all chronic illnesses. This, as you will learn, is why it is equally as effective at preventing chronic illnesses as it is at resolving them. ‘Living Right for Your Species Type’ is not just a solution, it is the only solution for health issues caused by ‘Living Wrong for Your Species Type’ and these issues are at the heart of the Chronic Illness Pandemic crippling Industrial Society.

What you will learn on this website will simplify health for you once and for all and put an end to the confusion caused by the seemingly bottomless reservoir of new health fads. You will discover that human health is based on the same very simple and easy to follow biological laws that govern health and illness in every other species on earth.

Why does every other species on earth, unless we have ruined their habitat, express more health and less chronic illness than the human species? Why is the human species getting sicker with chronic illness every year? What are humans doing differently today than humans did just a few decades ago that is resulting in the declining health of our infants, children, teens, middle aged, and elderly? Most importantly, what do humans need to do to get and stay well?

This website will answer these questions for you in a unique way that is very scientific, yet very uncomplicated and easy to follow. Health really is simple. Other species are healthy because they follow the biological laws that govern health. They live in ways that match the habitat and lifestyle requirements written in the genetic code (genome) of their species; they live in ways that match their species requirements for the expression of health and the prevention of illness. They ‘Live Right for Their Species Type’.

They eat or consume the nutrients that supply the essential ingredients required to genetically express health and to prevent illness. They move or exercise or expend energy in ways that supply the essential ingredients required to genetically express health and to prevent illness. They ‘think’ and act and socially interact in ways that supply the essential ingredients required to genetically express health and to prevent illness. They eat well, move well, and think well (think, feel, act, and socially interact well). Well is defined as that which is congruent with their species or genome requirements and avoidance of that which is incongruent with these requirements.

You will learn how to think about human health like a human biologist and to understand the biological laws that govern the health and illness of every species on earth, including the human species. The only time large numbers of individuals within a species get sick or become endangered or an entire species goes extinct is when they are prevented from ‘Living Right for Their Species Type’. In other words, such scenarios only occur when members of a species are prevented from eating, moving, and thinking well – when something unhealthy comes into their habitats, when something healthy is removed from their habitats, or when they are removed from their healthy habitats. No species has ever experienced species wide chronic illness, become endangered, or gone extinct due to any other reason than habitat change that has prevented them from ‘Living Right for Their Species Type’. No species has ever experienced species wide sickness, become endangered, or gone extinct due to defective genes or any kind of inherent defect in the ability to self-regulate their own bodies and minds – not one – not ever – not in the history of species. Further, the only way an endangered species has ever been successfully saved from extinction is by restoring its natural habitat or by putting it back into its natural habitat so that it could ‘Live Right for Its Species Type’. A natural habitat for any given species is defined as that which provides the ability to provide the genome-determined essential ingredients for that species.

This website will empower you to get and stay well by teaching you how to take responsibility for the three most important variables determining your health destiny.

The 3 Most Important Variables Determining Your Health Destiny


1. Knowledge of the human genome-determined essential ingredients that you’re responsible to supply

2. Knowledge of the human genome-determined toxins you’re responsible to avoid

3. The self-control and integrity needed to consistently behave according this knowledge

This is exactly what this website provides for you. You will learn how to eat, move, and think congruently with the human species requirements by learning to identify and follow the nutritional, exercise, thought, and behavioral requirements coded into the human genome. First, you’ll learn the Innate Diet Eat Well Plan; the innate, genome-determined essential nutrients for human species health. Second, you’ll learn the Innate Physical Fitness Move Well Plan; the innate, genome-determined exercise and physical fitness requirements for human species health. Third, you’ll learn the Innate Psychological Fitness Think Well Plan; the innate, genome-determined positive thought, belief, emotion, attitude, and behavior requirements for human species health. If this sounds complicated, remember, every other species on earth does it and so did our human ancestors – for millennia. As you will see, this actually makes things easier and more sustainable – if you learn to follow your innate genetic recipes.

Once you’ve learned how to eat well, move well, and think well--in ways that match the genome-determined human species requirements, you’ll be immune to fads, “magic” solutions, and false panaceas. There is only one true panacea—to ‘Live Right for Your Species Type’. This is, literally, the secret to maximizing your amazing inborn genetic potential for the expression of physical and psychological health and quality of life. To be accurate, it is not a secret, it is lost wisdom. It is something that all humans once learned and passed on from generation to generation but that now, tragically, few modern Industrial humans ever learn from their parents, teachers, or healthcare providers or pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Educating you about why and how to ‘Live Right for Your Species Type’ is not difficult; the scientific evidence and logic supporting this approach are clear and indisputable. The hard part is cutting through past misinformation which you have used to form your current beliefs about health and sickness and which are determining your current health and healthcare choices. Many in the healthcare or sickness care fields make health seem complicated so that you accept a strategy that requires dependence rather than independence. Your challenge is to accept how simple and straightforward it is to achieve your enormous potential for physical and psychological health and quality of life, and that you are genetically programmed to achieve this potential. Humans are the only species that is confused about how to eat, move, and think and socially interact in ways that match our species requirements. This explains why we are also the only species suffering from a self-inflicted, unhealthy lifestyle-caused chronic illness pandemic. All other species, either through instinct, parental role modeling, or both, eat, move, think, and interact congruently with their species-specific, genome-determined requirements (unless humans have polluted or destroyed their habitats). Humans are the only species that consistently choose to eat poorly, move poorly, and think and interact poorly, and to teach our offspring to do the same. Humans are the only species that ‘Live Wrong for Our Species Type’, and teach our offspring to do the same. This, and this alone, explains why humans are, without doubt, the sickest species on earth in terms of chronic illness.

It always puzzled me why every year there were so many new fad diets, fad diet books, fad nutraceuticals or supplements, fad exercise plans and fad self-help books. I finally realized the explanation was that nobody had developed nutrition, exercise, thinking, and social interaction plans based on the ingredients list found in the human genome. Nobody has ever created a human species-specific, species-wide solution–at least not until now! Fads may contain some of the ingredients necessary to reduce some sicknesses and express some health potential but only a lifestyle plan based on supplying all the essential ingredients required by that species will ever get and keep the members of that species well. No fads have ever succeeded and no matter how many come along they never will. Stop waiting for the next fad.

Once you apply biological laws to human species health, you’ll realize, as I did, that you can end the confusion forever. No more new diet, exercise, or self-help fads; no more empty or failed promises. Just ‘Living Right for Your Species Type’. All modern humans need the same eating, moving, and thinking ingredients as our human ancestors did, and so will our offspring, because we all share the same human genome. It honestly is that simple - but only when you understand the variables and biological laws that determine health and illness. This knowledge must become the foundation of your lifestyle and healthcare strategies. This is why I will spend so much time in the first half of my book and in my free newsletters on this website identifying these variables and explaining these biological laws, and why I will continually refer to them throughout this website. It is that important.

Once you learn the human genome-determined essential ingredients to supply, and the human genome-determined toxins to avoid, you can choose your own preferences for foods, exercise, and for thought and social interaction patterns that supply these ingredients and avoid these toxins. Every human doesn’t have to eat the same foods; every human must eat a diet that supplies the human essential nutrients for the genetic expression of physical and psychological health. Every human doesn’t have to do the same exercises; just exercise in a way that supplies the human physical fitness requirements for the genetic expression of physical and psychological health. Every human does not need the same psychological exercises or have the same thoughts, beliefs, emotions, moods, attitudes, and social interactions; just those that supply the human essential ingredients for the genetic expression of psychological and psychosocial health and fitness.

Our ancestors, like those of all animal species, perfected this ability over thousands of generations. Each tribe had to figure out what to eat in their given habitat to supply the essential ingredients required for the genetic expression of health. If they were forced or chose to migrate to a different habitat, they had to figure out which foods provided the human genome-determined essential nutritional ingredients. What nutrients they required stayed constant because their genomes stayed constant. What foods they had to consume to supply these nutrients varied based on location and season. The Inuit in the Arctic consumed very different foods than the Aborigines in Australia, but both had to supply identical essential nutrients that matched the human genome requirements. If your species needs vitamin C to survive, then you’ll either find a supply of vitamin C or you will perish. The same holds true for all human genome-determined essential ingredients. Hunting and gathering these foods naturally supplied the exercise or move well ingredients required to genetically express health. The social cooperation and relationships required for survival as a tribe naturally produced the thought and social interaction or think well ingredients required to genetically express physical, psychological, and psychosocial health and fitness.

When humans lived in their natural habitats in natural human social groups or tribes, we were as healthy as every other wild animal species. Each generation passed on to their offspring the wisdom of how to ‘Live Right for Your Species Type’. Tribal elders were wonderful resources for this wisdom. As we moved away from this natural, genetically congruent way of life and began to live in highly populated settlements, we lost the wisdom about how to eat, move, think, and socially interact that we had accumulated over thousands of generations. It is this wisdom that I’ve spent over three decades rediscovering and that I am determined to pass on to you on this website and through my book. You can then pass this wisdom on to your family and your community. Yes, we have gained some advantages in safety and technology and emergency healthcare and we should make full use of these.

What we must not do is assume that these advantages can make up for unhealthy changes in how we eat, move, think, and behave. No drug or surgery will ever solve or prevent a health problem caused by deficient nutrition. No drug or surgery will ever solve or prevent a health problem caused by unhealthy lifestyle. No drug or surgery will ever solve or prevent a health problem caused by deficient exercise. No drug or surgery will ever solve or prevent a health problem caused by deficient psychological fitness (deficient self-esteem, deficient gratitude and optimism, deficient social connection, deficient shelter, deficient safety). The irrefutable truth is that 98% or more of all health problems are caused by unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy environments – things that drugs will never prevent or fix! If this sounds radical it is because you have been misinformed or misled or are just uninformed. The science on this issue could not be more clear.

I will show you unequivocal evidence that our eating patterns are one of the most significant factors determining whether we get sick and whether we get and stay well. I’ll also provide irrefutable evidence that exercise isn’t simply an optional choice to make you feel better and look better, although it will do both. Exercise is a required ingredient, just like nutrients from food, and your genes cannot be expressed in a way that creates a full state of health without daily exercise.

This website will also present conclusive scientific evidence that your level of psychological fitness--the quality of your thoughts, knowledge, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors, and your level of psychosocial fitness, how much you feel safe, loved, important, respected, and appreciated in your social habitats - has a huge impact on your degree of health, happiness, and quality of life. I will substantiate that without these ingredients you cannot be well, get well, or stay well.

I’ll reveal the truths and expose the falsehoods regarding why as a species we’ve become so sick and what is required to get and keep us well. You will learn why the current inborn pathology-centric diagnosis (defective genes or defective ability to self-regulate our own bodies and minds) and drug-centric treatment approaches have not worked, why they cannot work, and what you can do instead that has already been proven to work. Our way of life, our economy, our standard of living, the plight of our families and friends, and ultimately the plight of our species all depend on our understanding and implementing these truths.

This website will not only teach you what to do, it will teach you how to get yourself to do it. Knowledge (knowing what to do) is only half the battle of recovery, wellness, and prevention - the easy half. Self-control (the ability to get ourselves to consistently do what we know we should and stop doing what we know we shouldn’t) is the other half of the battle - the difficult half. Difficult, that is, until you learn how to use self-control to develop integrity - the magical tipping point at which making the healthy choice becomes easy and making the unhealthy choice becomes hard. This website will provide the knowledge you need, and teach you how to develop the self-control and integrity required, to ‘Live Right for Your Species Type’.

This leads me to the uncomfortable but necessary position of having to ask two extremely difficult, disruptive, and emotionally charged questions. Forgive my bluntness. Please know that I deeply care about your health, and that I feel an ethical duty to ask these questions because I believe the honest answers to these questions can inspire the change that is required to inspire and motivate people to get and stay well and to prevent illness.

Before I ask you these questions, I want to touch on why I believe it important to do so. I believe that our life purpose is to learn and teach others to make choices that maximize our collective chances to express and experience the most health, happiness, and quality of life possible. I’ve spent over 35 years reviewing research to find out why chronic illness rates and the suffering and death that accompany them have risen exponentially over the past decades, and why the offered treatments are not working. Over the last 20 years, I’ve written books and lectured around the world about the research I have gathered and continue to gather daily. Often it would be easier and more comfortable to remain quiet about what the research indicates. However, as a scientist, as a clinician, and most importantly as a father, a husband, and a son, I know that having compiled enough evidence to unequivocally support my conclusions I have a moral obligation to share them. I believe this is especially true because these conclusions can improve and save lives.

As one of my heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr., PhD, said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” The health of humankind matters to me. The health of all living things matters to me. The health of ecosystems matters to me. I refuse to be silent about the scientific evidence I have gathered and the self-evident conclusions it makes unavoidable. What matters to us is what drives our behaviors. My goal is to get your lifestyle choices and your healthcare choices to matter enough to you that you’ll expend the effort required to become well informed. When you do, you will change your knowledge, thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions, and, when you have done this, you will change your behaviors, your health, and your life. When enough of us do this, we will change our communities and our world. I’m not being melodramatic; I’m being literal.

With all the above in mind, I present the questions that I think are necessary to make your lifestyle choices and your healthcare choices matter to you as much as they need to: What should we call it when people knowingly make lifestyle choices that either cause them to suffer or gradually contribute to their early death? What should we call it when people mistakenly make lifestyle choices or follow healthcare recommendations that cause suffering or gradually contribute to their early death? Would these actions not most accurately be described as self-inflicted harm or gradual suicide or gradual accidental harm or suicide?

As hard as this is to think or to say out loud I simply cannot think of a more accurate way to describe it or of a morally justifiable reason to refrain from doing so. The hard truth is that the leading causes of illness, suffering, and death in our society are harmful lifestyle and healthcare choices; they are self-inflicted or assisted. Suicide by lifestyle is the leading cause of death in Industrial society. Whether that is purposeful or accidental is irrelevant, the death toll is the same. I wish I could come to another conclusion but the evidence just won’t allow it. We are in-the-midst of a self-inflicted pandemic of chronic illness, suffering, and early death and we are inundated with ineffective, expensive, and too often dangerous healthcare interventions that not only fail to solve it but often contribute to it.

To be very clear, I’m not blaming people for their illnesses. I’m saying that people are responsible for their choices and that their lifestyle and healthcare choices have a profound impact on whether they get and stay sick and/or whether they get and stay well. I’m saying that people need to be told the truth about the consequences of their choices and empowered with the ability to identify and make healthier choices.

If you knew that people were consistently making choices that resulted in unhealthy shorter lives for themselves and their children, what would you be willing to do to prevent this? If I was to let people continue to unknowingly cause self-harm, commit gradual suicide, gradual accidental suicide, or be victimized by inaccurate or dangerous healthcare advice because I was too uncomfortable to tell the truth, I see that no differently than failing to intervene in any other life-threatening emergency. Doing the right thing is more important to me than doing the popular or the easy thing, because I see it as both a matter of integrity and as a matter of life and death. It’s hard to care about feeling embarrassed or being an outlier when you are focused on saving a life, helping the sick to get well, or, even better, preventing people from getting sick in the first place. Happily, the more evidence I gather and the more I act with integrity and share this evidence, the more people are coming to understand, agree with, and appreciate my sincere, well intentioned efforts. And, I’m happy to report, I am becoming less and less of an outlier as more people are learning the truth about the importance of lifestyle and the futility and danger associated with using drugs to address lifestyle-caused health problems.

Live Right for Your Species Type
Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™


I wanted to let you know that we had 50 people at our Think Well class on Tuesday night. One of the guests was a psychologist, he told me that Think Well was a tremendous program that he is committed to get implemented into his place of work and in his therapy group.

By the way, did you know that your talk represented the second largest gathering in our town in history? Guess what represented the largest? President John F. Kennedy! I knew you would like hearing that. Way to make history. Who would ever have thought that so many people in a small Midwestern town in Wisconsin would come to listen to a talk about how to get and stay well with lifestyle?

Also, I had several of the MDs from the local hospital who were at your talk come up and personally thank me for bringing you to town to speak. The surgeons and internists really seem to understand that drugs are not working – they just don’t see people get well and they keep coming back with the same problems to get the same surgeries or they just end up dying. As you say, the ones who die don’t die because they forgot to take their medications, they die full of medications but devoid of healthy lifestyle habits.

You are making a difference and helping us to make a difference. Keep it up and thank you again for coming to our “small” town. You drew a “big crowd” and made a “big impact.”

Dr. J.L., Chiropractor, U.S.A.

If I could sum up this website in one sentence it would be as follows. This website is about empowering you with the knowledge and ability to identify and make the habitat and lifestyle choices that are genetically required to express your enormous innate genetic potential for health, happiness, and quality of life – and to stop making the choices that are preventing you from expressing this potential.

The content of this website will provide the background knowledge required to understand the biological laws that determine the right choices. The Lifestyle Plan will specifically identify the right choices and teach you how to develop the self-control and integrity to consistently make them.

It is possible that some of the information presented here will be completely new to you or, perhaps, even contradict information you have received in the past. I’m aware that you have been, and will continue to be, exposed to an enormous amount of conflicting and confusing information about why you get sick and what you require to express your potential for health, happiness, and quality of life. Confusion freezes you and causes inaction. Certainty frees you to act. I want you to be certain. I want this website to represent the pivotal learning experience of your life when it comes to understanding the variables that determine health and how to control them. I believe that accurate scientific knowledge about the biological laws that govern health and illness and the logical, rational ability to apply them, are the required foundation to empower you to use evidence, logic and common sense to guide your day to day decisions. When it comes to your health, I want you to think and act like the intelligent scientist and logical philosopher that you are genetically programmed to be. This is not a science text but it is a scientific book and for this reason I want to give you, depending on your background, either a quick introduction and overview, or a quick review, of how to apply the scientific and logical methods to determine the most accurate and most effective recovery, wellness, and prevention strategies.

Applying Scientific and Logical Methods to Identify the Most Valid Health and Healthcare Strategies

Growing up the son of a PhD biologist, and later becoming an M.Sc. physiologist and published scientific researcher, then a licensed healthcare clinician, and then an author and lecturer, I have developed a deep understanding of, and respect for, the power and importance of the scientific and logical reasoning methods for determining the right questions to ask and how to come up with the right answers. My scientific and logical approach to health, happiness, and quality of life is based on the premise that we live in a cause-and-effect world. Identifiable variables (causes) are responsible for the identifiable outcomes (effects) we want to achieve or prevent. Achieving desired results or outcomes, or avoiding undesirable ones, is the definition of success. To consistently produce, reproduce, or avoid any outcome, we must use scientific and logical reasoning methods to identify, and where possible control, the variables that determine that outcome.

There is a scientific, logical path to successfully achieving health and preventing illness and our brains are genetically programmed to think in scientific and logical terms. Humans are born with the innate ability to use scientific and logical reasoning methods to achieve success. From birth, we observe our world and work to identify and control the variables that will give us the results or outcomes we want. An infant very quickly learns how to cry to influence or control the variable of parental care and attention. Anyone who has been around children knows that they are constantly applying scientific and logical reasoning methods (observation and trial and error) to determine how to get what they want. In fact, all mammals use observation and trial and error and all mammals can learn. Humans just have a large neocortex, which has allowed much higher development of these methods, or at least the inborn potential for much higher development.

Although humans are born with the ability to apply scientific and logical reasoning methods to achieve our desired goals, we’re also born with the intellectual capacity to desire and choose goals that either improve or diminish our individual and collective levels of health, happiness, and quality of life. We also have the capacity to conduct valid or invalid and honest or dishonest science and to apply sound or faulty logical reasoning. This explains why the variable that has the most control and/or influence over our health, happiness, and quality of life is the one staring back at us in the mirror – our self. Controlling outcomes and achieving success requires self-control, because quality of thoughts and behaviors are the most significant variables determining health outcomes. Consider this a bit of foreshadowing for what you will learn in the Innate Psychological Fitness Plan section of this website and in the Lifestyle Plan.

The more we develop and use self-control to acquire sufficient, accurate knowledge, and to apply valid scientific and sound logical reasoning, the more health, happiness, and quality of life we achieve. What we know counts – a lot. Below I have described the ten scientific and logical reasoning steps to achieving health and avoiding illness. As you read them, think about how often you have, or have not, followed these steps to achieve the health, happiness, and quality of life you want or to avoid illness you don’t want. I’m certain you will find that following these steps leads to inevitable success and not following them leads to inevitable failure, regardless of the desired outcome.

The 10 Scientific and Logical Reasoning Steps to Achieving Health and Avoiding Illness

1. Identify the desired physical and psychological health outcomes you want to achieve (or avoid).

2. Identify the variables that determine these health and/or illness outcomes.

3. Identify the variables that can be controlled or influenced.

4. Determine how to control and/or influence those variables toward desired health outcomes (or away from undesired illness outcomes).

5. Identify the actions required to control and/or influence those variables toward desired health outcomes (or away from undesired illness outcomes).

6. Develop an action plan to implement these actions.

7. Follow a plan of action for an adequate amount of time to elicit change toward desired health outcomes (or away from undesired illness outcomes).

8. Measure/evaluate results regarding progress toward desired health outcomes (or away from undesired illness outcomes).

9. If desired outcome not achieved (or undesired outcome not avoided), either continue, or adjust plan or level of action and continue.

10. Repeat steps 6-9 until desired health outcome achieved (or undesired illness outcome avoided).

    If you follow these steps, you will reach your potential for achieving virtually any desired outcome and/or preventing virtually any undesired outcome. Success is not based on random chance. Success in not predetermined. Success is a natural consequence of natural causes based on natural laws. Consequences are cause and effect phenomena; consequences are effects of causes. Health and sickness, happiness and unhappiness, and high and low quality of life, are simply outcomes determined by identifiable causal variables. They are just consequences; they are just effects of causes. Producing the outcomes of health, happiness, and quality of life depends on the ability to identify and control the variables that determine these outcomes.

    I have spent the last three decades applying scientific and logical reasoning methods to the study of health, happiness, and quality of life in the human species. This scientific and logical approach is why I have been so successful in helping people to get and stay well where others have so consistently failed. I’ve identified the variables that determine chronic health and illness, determined which ones can be controlled, the actions required to control them, developed a plan of action (Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® Lifestyle Plan), and, importantly, measured the effects of this plan of action and adjusted it where necessary to maximize effectiveness. I have not only developed the Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well® Lifestyle Plan, most significantly, I have figured out how to help you develop the self-control needed to follow this gradual, simple, easily implemented plan.

    Again, I want to emphasize that this website is not a science textbook. However, I want you to recognize that you intrinsically value science, and you’re much more likely to trust the information I provide if you know it is based on valid science and logic. For this reason, I include a lot of scientific citations and references, and a lot of logic-illustrating analogies to support my conclusions. I want this website and my newsletters to empower you with valid, evidence-based beliefs that have been formed by accurate scientific knowledge and sound logical reasoning. Emotions and beliefs are important and valid and they give life meaning, but they’re not the right tools to gather or evaluate the accuracy of information or to evaluate and form accurate beliefs. I’ll expand on this in the Innate Psychological Fitness Plan sections of this website.

    Ethical, valid enquiry or decision making is about gathering sufficient, and sufficiently accurate information, before reaching a conclusion. It isn’t about trying to prove you are right; it is about making every effort to be unbiased and to discover what is right. Being ethical and logical means not getting emotionally attached to your conclusions or stubbornly adhering to them. Logical learners and ethical scientists continually seek new information with which to evaluate their conclusions and are always willing to change them if new information dictates they should. When you are green you are growing, when you are ripe you are rotting. Stay intellectually green! Stay intellectually logical and honest. By the way, the above also applies to ethical healthcare practitioners and forms the basis of the Hippocratic/Healthcare Oaths, which I have taken, and still take extremely seriously. It is my devotion to this oath that inspired me to expend the enormous effort to gather and share the information on this website and in my newsletters and my books.

    I ask for your patience and the opportunity to earn your trust. I invite you to engage the scientific and logical part of your mind, open your heart, and navigate through this website. Explore its content with a healthy balance of open-mindedness and skepticism both to what you are reading and to what you currently believe or think to be true. Enjoy the journey. If you do this I am certain you will arrive at a place of greater knowledge and empowerment that will allow you to make better health decisions and to achieve and experience more of your enormous innate genetic potential. Remember, thousands of others, with no greater genetic potential than you, have already successfully learned and applied the information you are about to read.

    Now let’s begin your journey to the healthier, happier, higher quality life you are genetically designed to express and experience…”