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In his new book Dr. Chestnut presents an irrefutable argument for 'Living Right for Your Species Type'. He has made the science understandable, the research accessible, and the logic self-evident. Most importantly, he provides a brilliantly simple model of implementation in his Innate Lifestyle Plan.

"You have been naturally selected over millennia to genetically express physical and psychological health - more than you you'll ever need to experience a wonderful quality of life.

Whether you express this potential is not predetermined and it isn't based on luck or random chance; it is based on whether you choose to 'Live Right for Your Species Type'; it is based on the quality of your habitat and lifestyle choices.

To express your potential, you must be able to first identify and then make healthy habitat (living environment) and lifestyle choices, and to do that, you must acquire accurate knowledge and learn how to develop the self-control to consistently act upon it.

I have spent the last 30 years identifying the healthy habitat and lifestyle choices for the human species and, most importantly, how to teach you how to develop the self-control to make them."

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