Omega Sufficiency™

How much Omega Sufficiency® is required each day?

Exact daily requirements for EPA and DHA sufficiency are difficult to establish. Anthropological data indicates that our genetically identical preagricultural ancestors and the Nordic populations consumed significant amounts of EPA and DHA each day. Furthermore, these healthy peoples also consumed much less Omega 6 fatty acid from corn and soy which is now so prevalent in Western diets.

It is well established in the research that the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids in the human diet should be 1:1. It is also well established that due to the toxic levels of Omega 6 and the deficient levels of Omega 3 consumption in today's diets this ratio is now as high as 20:1 and that this is significantly contributing to decreased health and increased illness in our society.

The increased amounts of stress and toxins as well as the decreased amounts of healthy nutrients and exercise further increase the daily requirements for EPA and DHA for today's humans.

In a recent 1998 study conducted by Eaton et al entitled “The return of n-3 fatty acids into the food supply.” published in the World Review of Nutrition and Diet the authors estimated the daily EPA and DHA intake of pre-agricultural humans. They report that the average daily EPA and DHA intakes were approximately 390 mg/day and 270 mg/day respectively.

However, due to the enormous increase is Omega 6 consumption in today's diets and the significant increase in toxins and decreases in other important nutrients and daily exercise levels these intake amounts would simply not be adequate to re-establish and maintain either sufficient requirements of EPA and DHA or the healthy 1:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.

For this reason it has been estimated that our daily intake requirements for EPA and DHA are now double what they were for pre-agricultural humans. This amount equals approximately 1 tsp of Omega Sufficiency® oil or 4 Omega Sufficiency® capsules for the average sized adult. Children should take approximately half this amount.

For those who have not previously supplemented and who are thus very deficient in EPA and DHA and whose Omega 6:Omega 3 ratio will be highly skewed toward Omega 6 dominance it may be necessary to increase daily intake for approximately 1 year. Please consult your wellness practitioner for daily intake recommendations.