The Innate Diet Recipes

The Innate Diet Recipes

You'll find that eating the Innate Diet™ is really quite easy to start because the ingredients are so simple, fresh and enjoyable. We have provided a few sample "recipes" for those that like to spend some time creating a dish that is a bit more involved. For the most part you can eat the Innate Diet™ and derive all the amazing benefits of it by constructing meals using just "The Basics".

Mix and match the combinations of proteins, veggies, fruits and or nuts/seeds that you enjoy and eat a wide array of things through the week.

The Innate Diet™ is about easily and gradually changing your eating habits for a lifetime. Use the suggestions and recipes to begin adding in more and more of the highly nutritious, fresh, local foods that your body was designed to eat.

A limited number of recipes are available to the public. The complete list of recipes (nearly 200) is available to anyone with an active 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan.

Recipe Category Main Ingredient
"Super Shake" Beverage Fruit View Print
Dr. J’s Sweet Potato Skillet Breakfast Sweet Potato View Print
Innate Salad Salad Greens View Print
Innate Smoothie Breakfast Fruit View Print
Paleo Pizza Lunch Chicken View Print
Simple Breakfast Breakfast Eggs View Print
Your Omelette Breakfast Eggs View Print