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The Innate Physical Fitness Plan Videos

Bicep Curl - Band View
Bicep Curl - Seated View
Bicep Curl - Standing View
Burpees View
Burpees - Walking View
Crunches View
Including Your Children in Your Exercise Routine View
Lunges View
NMS - Anterior Head Carriage View
NMS - Apley Shoulder Range of Motion View
NMS - Range of Motion Exercises View
NMS - Squats - ROM View
Plank - Demo View
Plank - Instructions View
Pushups - Knees View
Pushups - Standard View
Pushups - Standard and Knees View
Pushups - Torpedo View
Rows - Standing With Dumbell View
Rows - Using Band View
Rows - Using Chair View
Seated Row Using Band View
Seated Shoulder Press View
Shoulder Press With Band View
Shoulder Press With Dumbells View
Squat Thrust View
Squats View
Squats - Exam View
Squats With Dumbell View
Standing Log Jump Instructions View
Standing Long Jump View
Thors View
V Situps View