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Editions Title  
September 2021 90% of Heart Attacks, Atherosclerosis, and Stroke Caused by Unhealthy Lifestyle Subscribe To View
August 2021 New Research Shows Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protective Against Breast Cancer Subscribe To View
July 2021 Healthy Lifestyle the Best Treatment for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Subscribe To View
June 2021 Breastfeeding is Highly Beneficial for Mother and Baby! Subscribe To View
May 2021 78% of COVID-19 Hospitalizations and Deaths in Overweight or Obese Subscribe To View
April 2021 T-Cells the Key to COVID-19 Immunity and Vitamin D the Key to T-Cells Subscribe To View
March 2021 Supplementation with Vitamin D Prevents and Treats Depression: Benefits Require Supplementation with Sufficient Amounts Subscribe To View
February 2021 Supplementation with Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevents Cardiovascular Disease: Effects are Dependent on Supplementation with Sufficient Amounts Subscribe To View
January 2021 Over 100 Scientists and Doctors Call For Increased Vitamin D Use To Combat COVID-19 Subscribe To View
December 2020 Vitamin D Deficiency a Significant Risk Factor for COVID-19 in Children Subscribe To View
November 2020 Move Away from Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Study Shows Exercise Improves Mood and General Well-being!! Subscribe To View
October 2020 Evidence-Based COVID-19 and FLU Prevention and Risk Reduction Supplementation Protocol Subscribe To View
September 2020 Vitamin D Decreases Risk of Infection and Serious Complications from COVID-19 Subscribe To View
August 2020 Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with Greater Risk from Covid-19 Subscribe To View
July 2020 Lifestyle Cause – Lifestyle Cure – Lifestyle Prevention Subscribe To View
June 2020 Psychological Stress, Immune Compromise, and Susceptibility to Viral Infection: What Everybody Needs to Know Subscribe To View
May 2020 Exercise Deficiency and Immune Compromise, Chronic Inflammation, and Chronic Disease: What Everybody Needs to Know Subscribe To View
April 2020 Immune Function, Immune Viral Defense, and Vitamin D: What Everyone Needs to Know Subscribe To View
March 2020 What Everyone Needs to Know About Viral Immune Defense Against Coronavirus and Influenza Virus Subscribe To View
February 2020 Omega-3 Fish Oil and Vitamin D in OmegA+D Sufficiency Essential for Brain Function and Brain Protection! Subscribe To View
January 2020 BE AWARE and BEWARE: Research Shows Medical Advice Synonymous With Drug Company Marketing Subscribe To View
December 2019 Research Shows Exercise Better than Antidepressants Subscribe To View
November 2019 Research Shows Osteoporosis Tests Inaccurate and Osteoporosis Drug Treatment Ineffective, Expensive, and Dangerous!! Subscribe To View
October 2019 Nurses Health Studies Prove Lifestyle Most Important Factor in Chronic Health and Disease... and Prevention!! Subscribe To View
September 2019 Exercise Better Than Drugs!! Subscribe To View
August 2019 The Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D in Autism and ADHD Subscribe To View
July 2019 Body Mass Index Strong Predictor of Mortality (and Health Status) Subscribe To View
June 2019 Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference, and Physical Fitness Levels Strong Predictors of Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Risk Subscribe To View
May 2019 Research Shows Healthy Lifestyle Adds Years to Life and Unhealthy Lifestyle Subtracts Years from Life Subscribe To View
April 2019 New Study Proves Lifestyle and Environment Leading Causes of Cancer: Cancers are Preventable! Subscribe To View
March 2019 New Study Shows Push-Up Performance Predicts Future Cardiovascular Disease Subscribe To View
February 2019 New Studies Prove Effectiveness of Innate Lifestyle Plan Approach for All Chronic Conditions Subscribe To View
January 2019 VITAL Study on Omega-3 and Vitamin D Show Remarkable Benefits of Supplementation Subscribe To View
December 2018 The BioLOGICAL Laws of Lifestyle and Health (or Illness) Pt 4 Subscribe To View
November 2018 The BioLOGICAL Laws of Lifestyle and Health (or Illness) Pt 3 Subscribe To View
October 2018 The BioLOGICAL Laws of Lifestyle and Health (or Illness) Pt 2 Subscribe To View
September 2018 The BioLOGICAL Laws of Lifestyle and Health (or Illness) Pt 1 Subscribe To View
August 2018 Living WRONG for Your Species Type the Leading Cause of Chronic Illness - Living RIGHT For Your Species Type is the Only Solution to Solve and Prevent Chronic Illness Subscribe To View
July 2018 Health and Disease Status are the Genetic Expression of Habitat and Lifestyle Subscribe To View
June 2018 Supplementing with Fish Oil Reduces Sun Burn, Skin Inflammation, and Risk of Skin Cancer! Subscribe To View
May 2018 Sedentary Behavior Associated with Brain Shrinkage and Dementia: Get Moving and Protect Your Brain! Subscribe To View
April 2018 Pollution is a Leading Cause of Death and Disease Worldwide Subscribe To View
March 2018 World's Leading Experts Tout Importance of Lifestyle for Wellness and Prevention Subscribe To View
February 2018 The Innate Lifestyle™ Plan: The Solution to Broken Lifestyle Resolutions! Subscribe To View
January 2018 Make the Ultimate New Year's Resolution: Commit to "Live Right for Your Species Type" Subscribe To View
December 2017 Beat the Holiday Blues - and Colds and Flus! Subscribe To View
November 2017 OmegA+D Sufficiency - The Best D-Fense Against Cold and Flu Season Subscribe To View
October 2017 Probiotics – Essential and Important! Subscribe To View
September 2017 The Most Evidence-Based, Most Beneficial Supplement in History! Subscribe To View
August 2017 Lack of Exercise A Leading Cause of Disease, Lost Quality of Life, and Early Death Subscribe To View
July 2017 Naturally Occurring Vitamins Proven Safe and Beneficial: Synthethic Vitamins Shown to be Ineffective and Harmful Subscribe To View
June 2017 Research Indicates Importance of Synergistic Combination of Vitamins A & D from Cod Liver Oil Subscribe To View
May 2017 Probiotic Supplementation Reduces Inflammation, Cartilage destruction and Joint Pain as well as Reduces Oxidative Stress, C-Reactive Protein and Blood Sugar in Diabetics! Subscribe To View
April 2017 Healthy Lifestyle Elicits Cancer Remission and Significantly Improves Overall Health! Subscribe To View
March 2017 Sitting is the New Smoking! Subscribe To View
February 2017 Want a Healthy Heart? New Study Adds More Proof That Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Heart Disease Subscribe To View
January 2017 Study Shows Vitamin D has Dramatic Preventative Power Over Cancer Subscribe To View